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Opusztaszer and Szeged

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On our second day of orientation we saw the place that the first Hungarians came from Russia. There was a memorial similar to Hero's Square featuring the "founding fathers" of Hungary but there were also many other cool things at this memorial. To start off with there was a stunning Panorama painting that described the war against the Slavic people and the first settling here. It was huge, about 2 stories high and was more then 80 square meters.
What I enjoyed the most from our visit to Opusztaszer was the horse show. During the show the performers showed off their archery skills (by riding past targets and shooting them dead on). Then they let us try. I was the only one that actually hit the target, not only the target but right in the chest of the figure, and on my first try!
After letting us try they showed us some games and medieval warfare tactics. It was very funny and I enjoyed the show a lot.
To finish our day we went into the city of Szeged. In 1879 the whole town was 2 meters under water and everything was ruined. The levees collapsed, clearly humans can't learn from our mistakes. We saw the main square, church, and the Pick szalami factory (Hungary is known for this kind of szalami) it was very creamy and I didn't like it at all. My favorite part of the city was the Temple we went to.
I think I liked it so much because most Temple at home are not so exuberant, this one was simply stunning. The city was nice, a lot bigger then Kecskemet but I am getting tired of traveling so much and I still have a whole week ahead of me.

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In the afternoon we headed to Budapest. It was lovely. I really enjoyed being in the city. We started at Hero's Square. n46002787_..16_8741.jpg
Anyone who is anyone in Hungarian culture and history is here. We also got a minnie history lesson while standing in the square. After enjoying the square we walked to a cute castle and Agi, my Hungarian teacher, showed us where one of the baths were and the Liszt School. (Kodaly Institute is now apart of the Liszt school so we could go here for their library and other things) But the most stunning thing I saw in Budapest was the Opera House. It was magnificent. It was rated 2nd best in European acoustics, it was home to the first air conditioning system in the world and it was just stunningly beautiful. Tickets are also very cheap at this opera house so I plan on going often. n46002787_..19_9576.jpg
After a great tour of the Opera House we took a bus to the Buda side of the city where we could look out over all of Pest and it also gave a stunning view of the Parliament Building. After a little walk we at dinner at a small restaurant. They had a band that played Hungarian music for us and the food was great. When I finally got home I was exhausted but I really enjoyed Budapest and I plan on spending a good amount of time there. I already made plans to go this upcoming weekend.

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n46002787_..12_7650.jpg Kesckemet is a little town about an hour bus or train ride south of Budapest. There are only 100,000 people that live in this city. However, it doesn't seem that small because the center of the town is very centralized. The school is only a half block away from the main square so it seems very busy around here. It is the perfect size for me, not to big and not to little and close enough to Budapest for a day in the city. Around the main square there are several churches, all which ring their bells every 15 min. I am enjoying the bells at the moment, but the first morning I wake up at 6am because of them I might think otherwise. The institute is in a old monastery building connected to the catholic church on the main square. It is shaped in a square with a courtyard in the center. There is a beautiful tree in the middle of the courtyard which I have enjoyed reading under. Right outside the school door is a tea room that is quite lovely, a pizzeria, and down the way is another cafe and pastry shop. I have found a pool I can use and it is simply two blocks away. I am starting to learn Hungarian but it is a very difficult language to learn. My teacher, so far, teaches everything by ear so I am having a hard time without seeing it written down. I am really enjoying the nice weather while it last and I am preparing for a hard semester full of work and a lot of growing as a musician!

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I've Made It

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I finally made it. After a day of travel, three airports and a lot of down time I am here. I got here late Friday. Today is my first day.
I am in my dorm room right now. It is very big, its a quad, but right now only two of us are living in it. I will upload pictures as soon as I get an adapter for my camera. There is everything that I need except not enough closet space. I am rooming with Kate, she goes to Redlands.

We just did our first adventure. We went out to get Kate a phone and to get groceries. We were successful in both but it was hard. Not as many people speak English as I thought. I forgot how much more energy you need to have when you go and buy something with people that don't speak your language. Hopefully I will pick Hungarian up quickly in my classes, I will try to use it as much as possible while I am out and about. I feel so ignorant here right now. I don't even know how to say hello yet. But once I get some of the key terms down I will feel a lot better.

The city is beautiful and I am just a block from a mall with groceries. Right outside my door is a woman who sells produce. I think that she might only be there on the weekends though. I will find out. It is very warm and a little humid. Hopefully it will stay warm for a while.

I have no plans until Monday. Monday starts our orientation program. We travel all around Hungary. I am excited about that but more importantly I am excited for a translator to teach me some phrases.

Well it is 12pm (3 am in CA- 9 hours difference) but I woke up so early that I am exhausted and I am going to take a nap. I hope that everything is well with everyone!
I will keep you updated.


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Welcome to my Blog

My last day in the good old US of A


Welcome to my blog. I chose to do a blog so that you all didn't get annoying e-mails every week. This way when you want to, you can check up on me and see what Europe brings my way.

So today is my last day in America and I am getting very nervous about leaving. I have everything packed except for my watch that I can't seem to find at the moment. I am very excited about finally being in Hungary. I will miss a lot of things back home but I wont miss the campaign commercials! I hope that everyone is enjoying the last of their summer and those of you at work or school, well I don't envy you. I will keep you all updated with pictures and entries as often as I can.


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