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Election Day

America From a Different View

Well my November 4th is coming to an end. I have sent my ballot away and now I can only wait. It will be strange to not see any results until tomorrow morning because of the time difference. All of the Americans here are very anxious to see what happens over there.
It has been so interesting, being over here and see to America from a different perspective. I have learned a lot about our global perspective, other countries politics and they way they think. It has been very challenging and I have been forced to think about America in a very different light. I have also gone through many ups and downs of being so proud and being so ashamed to call the red, white and blue mine.
There are two things that learned here that I will never forget. 1) I had always know the influence that America has over the world, but i didn't really understand what that meant. EVERYTHING that we do affects EVERY other country. It is overwhelming and scary how much power we have. In response, I am learning that 2) the rest of the world watches us like a hawk. They know more then we do, they are always talking about the US and following us in the news because they know that whatever we do will affect them.
It has been so interesting to see America from this far perspective at such a pivotal time in the states' history. Being here has defiantly changed my outlook on our foreign affairs and I will defiantly follow our politics and the world news closer after this semester.

Seeing the campaign from over here has also been eye opening. Most people were shocked that as a Californian I get to vote on laws in California, until the realized how complicated most of them are and how much research is really required to make a educated decision. Like my Canadian friend Casey said, "Well that is why we elect people to do this for us, who are educated in these subjects". It is defiantly a privileged to be able to vote but with that it requires a lot of responsibility (in the form of education). And Democracy only works with education... ok now i will step off my soap box and let you enjoy your day. To say the least... I am learning a lot over here and not just about music.

Posted by Caitlin L 08:30 Archived in Hungary

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Hi Caitlin: I am very moved by your metamorphosis. A wise woman and great American, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, said the single most important thing we can do to change the world is to send our children abroad to learn about the world. Good job, Caitlin! The excitement is mounting here - but it is only 9:30 a.m.! xoxo lmw

by lmweeks

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